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Biomass fuel and its utilization

Fuel Produce

SFD recycle system will convert used diapers to biomass chips as seen in the photo below.

Biomass tips

Energy pellets

Energy pellets

Fluffy chips from SFD system are formed into pellets by the above forming machine. Outcome pellets can be used as energy source to biomass boiler and stove.


Outcome pellets-energy can be used as both in-house energy source and neighboring energy source.



Fluffy chips can be the source of RPF.

*RPF=reuse paper & plastic fuel - chips made by mixing used plastic and paper are the source of solid high-calorie fuel.


Fuel Produce/Energy pellets/Utilization/RPF/Characteristics of diaper fuel

Characteristic of diaper fuel

1. Economically efficient. It is made from waste.
2. Environmentally friendly. Reduces CO2 by using biomass chips instead of fossil fuel.
3. Stable quality. Chips are made from apparant material (diapers).
4. Safe material. No hazardous materials are included. Diapers are made based on burninng after use.
5. High calorie solid fuel. Diapers include polymer and pulp.
6. Compact. In the form of pellets, they are easy to handle and space saving.
7. By mixing recycled plastics and adjusting the volume, calorific level can be controlled.


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